Membership Requirements & Process

A prospective PIChE Fellow must be a registered chemical engineer and included in the roster of chemical engineers of the Professional Regulation Commission of the Republic of the Philippines. He or she must have practiced chemical engineering and its allied, related, or growth areas/fields (such as managerial and executive positions of chemical or industrial corporations, academe, and/or government agencies) for a total of at least twenty (20) years. He must have been an active member of the PIChE for a total of at least 10 years.

His or her application must be endorsed or sponsored by a PIChE Fellow, who is allowed to endorse one Fellow-candidate only each time the GB calls for nomination. He must obtain a total of at least 100 points of the Membership Criteria listed below:

Work Experience 


Experience involving chemical engineering practice as defined by the Ch. E. Law of 2004 (R.A. 9297). This includes managerial/ executive experience in industrial establishments/government agencies and academic institutions as defined by aforesaid law:  

-Minimum of 20 years: 50 pts.

-20+ to 25 years: 55 pts.

-25-30 years: 60 pts.

-30+ and above: 65 pts.

Involvement in PIChE


-Officer of a chapter (except President) – 5 pts/year of being a chapter officer

-President of a chapter – 15 pts.

-National Officer (except President) – 10 pts/year of being a national officer.

-National President – 20 pts. 

-Member of Council of Advisers (active involvement as certified by the COA Chairman) – 5 pts/year   

Research Output


-Refereed article published in a technical journal – 10 pts each

-Non-refereed article published in a technical journal – 5 pts. each

-Published a book on any chemical engineering course – 20 pts. each   

National Awards/ Recognition


-Outstanding Chemical Engineer (PIChE) – 10 pts.

-Outstanding Chemical Engineer (PRC) – 20 pts. 

-Other national awards (related to field of engineering/chemical engineering) – 10 pts. each

-Other national awards (not related to field of engineering/chemical engineering) – 5 pts. each   

Graduate Studies 


Only the highest academic achievement will be counted per area of study, and for only one degree per area of study. Studies that are not completed shall be given proportional points based on the percentage completion of the program of study.   

a) Area of study - Chemical engineering and allied fields (only one graduate degree applies for this field)  

-Masters degree – 20 pts.

-Doctoral degree – 40 pts.   

b) Area of study - Other disciplines (only one graduate degree applies for this field)  

-Masters degree – 10 pts.

-Doctoral degree – 20 pts.  


Below are the steps to be followed towards the approval of membership of a PIChE Fellow. (Not applicable for the first batch who were selected by the PIChE National Board after evaluating their qualifications)

Step 1

The prospective PIChE Fellow shall be initially contacted by the PIChE chapter of which he/ she is a member of the plan to nominate him/ her and for the prospective Fellow to submit the needed documents/information. 

Step 2

The prospective nominee fills up a Nomination Form (to be supplied by the CF), which shall contain all the experiences and qualifications of the nominee; and which will become the bases for the computation of the membership criteria as shown in Article III above. The nominee submits the same together with a copy of his/ her curriculum vitae and 3 pcs. 1”x1” ID picture to his PIChE chapter. 

Step 3

The nominating PIChE chapter will make the initial verification on whether the prospective nominee meets the minimum requirements; documentary evidences to support the qualification of the nominee shall be included in his nomination folder that will be submitted to a PIChE Fellow Endorser of the chapter’s choice. If the nomination is not acceptable to the PIChE Fellow Endorser, the endorser returns the said nomination folder to the chapter.  

Step 4

After the submission of the needed documents to the CF, the PIChE chapter waits for advice from the CF on the approval or disapproval of the nomination. The deadline of submission of the nomination folder to the PIChE Fellow Endorser is May 31 of each year.

Step 5

The GB convenes during the period of June to August to review the nominations for Fellow and approves by majority vote (or 3 out of 5 members) for each of the applicants. If it is necessary, the GB shall ask for additional supporting documents or ask for clarifications, and/or call the PIChE Fellow Endorser and/or the Fellow-nominee to attend meetings called for the purpose of screening and approving nominations for Fellow.

Step 6

The successful nominee is notified of his/her admission as Fellow by the first week of September of each year in time for the observance of the Chemical Engineering Week. 

Step 7

The new PIChE Fellow shall be given his/her oath as a Fellow by the PIChE National President during an annual meeting of the College of Fellows coinciding with the Celebration of the Chemical Engineering Week.  

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